Traditional Animal Husbandry On A Modern Farm

Here at Living Light Farms, we believe that the bigger-faster-cheaper model is not compatible with compassion and good stewardship. Our methods take longer and cost more, but we believe they are investments in clean, sustainable food. We feel good knowing that we have respected our animals, given them great lives, and treated them with the care due to all of God’s creation. Our methods also work to regenerate the land the animals live on while simultaneously creating a superior product for our community.

Just before dawn, the roosters begin their crowing to welcome the new day. Liberty Bell, our milk cow, takes this as her cue to call for her morning milking. After milking, the calf is fed, and mama gets turned out to her fresh yard grass. Then it’s time to move the broiler chickens’ tractors to a fresh square of bug-laden pasture, and feed and water are filled.  Then the sheep are moved to their fresh pasture, and it’s the humans’ turn to get their breakfast. After breakfast, the children scatter to feed and water laying hens, let the dogs out, and tend to the pigs in their pasture. Tim heads out to check on the cows: fill the water and move them to their next slice of fresh (grain-free) salad bar. The day has already been busy, but it’s just beginning!


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